About Seoul Seek

About Seoul Seek

Why does it exist and what is its purpose?

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How many people out there actually know what Seoul is like?

Having visited Korea for the last two decades—now living near the Lotte Tower—I wanted to use my knowledge to answer that question.

Thus, Seoul Seek was created.


I spent many hot summers working in my own family's various restaurants (seafood, sushi, and meat), both in and out of the kitchen, before I graduated.

There is a massive realm of information which goes unseen—as far as English sources—to this day, when it comes to both Korean cuisine and general practices of the food business as a whole.

In May of 2019, me and my wife started doing food blogs; neither of us ever thought it would ever snowball into what it has. Since then, we've reviewed over 1,200 establishments, a large portion of those being restaurants.

I grew up in New York, while my wife is a native of Seoul. Combined, we offer unique perspective through an unbiased, authentic lens. We'll also touch on region-specific cultural nuances and idiomatic tendencies.


Cultural pieces will also be posted; not just food reviews. We want to provide a real look into various topics, not some staged and fluffed-up version. What you see is what you get when you go to these places.

Travel guides, insight, and cultural commentary about entertainment and otherwise can be expected. We're slowly migrating our main blog's posts over into English, from Korean, for international visitors to utilize.

Why are there no ratings?

We've gone through together, and tediously curated each place we've visited. We're only going to be posting reviews (primarily food, but other stuff as well) that are above the equivalent of an 8/10, to make it easier for you to enjoy the best food and locations in Seoul.

You ever use Soulseek?

No idea what that is.

I have always obtained my music legally.


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